Dead Man's Switch


Bad things happen. Sometimes, they happen to you. If something does happen, you might wish there was something you had told the people around you. How you feel, what you regret, what you wish you had said. Or maybe you just want to make sure your pets are taken care of promptly.
For that, you need a dead man's switch.


This is how this works. You write a few e-mails and choose the recipients. These emails are stored privately until they're sent. Your switch will email you every so often, asking you to show that you are fine by clicking a link. If something were to... happen... to you, your switch would then send the emails you wrote to the recipients you specified. Sort of an "electronic will", one could say.


The notifications are sent at certain intervals (by email, Telegram or browser push notification). You can set the intervals to whatever you want, from one day to years. By default, the switch will notify you 30, 45, and 52 days after you last showed signs of life (free accounts are limited to 1 day after). If you don't respond to any of those notifications, all your messages will be sent 60 days after your last checkin.

Of course, you can have your switch postpone its activation (if, for example, you'll be away for some time) by telling it to not try to contact you for a specified period of time. The service will resume normally after however many days have passed. In the default example, if you specify a delay of 10 days, the emails will be sent after 40, 55, and 62 days, while your messages will be sent after 70 days.

How much?

Right now, you can add up to 1 emails with up to 1 recipients each. Upgrading your account to premium allows you to add more messages. It will also allow you to set custom messaging intervals so Dead Man's Switch will notify you as often or as rarely as you like.


But nothing. That's it. Nothing to it. You can get started right now, just register using the following link:

Build my switch

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