Dead Man's Switch

How to use Dead Man's Switch to make sure your pets are cared for if you pass

We frequently get emails from people who tell us they are elderly, sick, or are otherwise afraid they might die soon, but have dogs, cats or other pets that need feeding or taking care of after they're gone. Dead Man's Switch can help with that by notifying your loved ones if you haven't been responsive for a while.

Setting this up is easy, and you can do this on a trial account, as the "Test message" intervals are ideal for this. Just write a message and select "Test message" (the only option if you are on a trial account). You will get an email every day, and, if you don't click the link by the next day, the email will be sent to its recipient so they can check on you.

You should also make sure to enable push notifications from your account page, so you have a second method of notification. You can enable push notifications on your desktop and phone browser for multiple ways to be notified, to make sure you don't miss any check-ins.

As always, if you need any help, please email us.

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