Dead Man's Switch

What's the gist?

Dead Man's Switch is provided without any guarantees of anything, not even that it will do its job properly. If you want your emails to remain private, or to not be sent before your actual death, or anything else, please don't use this service. I provide it for free in case anyone finds it useful, and that's pretty much the extent of its use case.

If you have any doubts, please use an alternate service.

Refunds for the upgrade will be provided for three months after purchase.

Terms of Service

Dead Man's Switch is not a legal substitute for a Will, Trust, or Power of Attorney, nor is it legally binding. Ownership of any electronic rights related to the internet such as intellectual property, domain names, or marketing affiliation agreements, cannot be granted or transferred through Dead Man's Switch. We strongly recommend that you consult an attorney to coordinate your Dead Man's Switch designations with the appropriate legal documents, such as a Will, Trust, and Power of Attorney.

You agree that you, your representatives, heirs, and beneficiaries will hold Dead Man's Switch harmless and indemnify us from all losses, damages, and costs related to or arising from the services provided by Dead Man's Switch, including, but not limited to, our negligent conduct, all conduct of your designated beneficiaries, and how your estate, including electronic rights are administered under Federal, State, or local law. You agree that if under the law of your jurisdiction, Dead Man's Switch is found to be liable to you, your representatives, heirs, or beneficiaries, that your total damages shall be limited to the cumulative fees paid to us by you for our services.


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